Pai gow poker is an American version of the Asian pai gow of the old times. The traditional Asian tiles were replaced by the introduction of standard playing cards into the game.   The American version of pai gow uses the ranking of hands that is similar to that of poker and that is why it is referred to as pai gow poker.

In a casino a standard fifty two card deck and a joker which can be used as an ace or a wild card is used to play pai gow poker. The maximum number of players in a pai how poker is six and the players usually plays against the banker. The banker happens to be a representative of the casino.

Usually the players make their bets depending on the minimum of the table to mark the beginning of the game. The casino attendant then issues each player with a stack of seven cards each. A dice is then thrown to determine who starts the game.

Once the player has the cards, they arrange two in one hand and five in the other hand. For a player to win, both the cards in the two hand and those in the five hands must be of a higher value than that of the issuer.   Nobody wins in case the dealer wins on one hand and the players win on the other hand.

In case the cards are the same as that of the issuer, then that is referred to as a tie. When a tie occurs, the house wins. In the process of setting cards in your hands, the five cards should be higher than the two card hand in terms of value.

In case the cards in the two cards hand are of a higher value than that in the five card hand, which is referred to as a foul. A person committing a foul loses automatically. This is a fairer game compared o others as the house only wins in case of a tie.